You are here: Employer How to Recruit workers from Nepal?
Ministry of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal has made has few specific procedures to recruit workers from Nepal by any foreign employers. The recruiting process goes as follows:

The employer/company from the abroad who wants to hire workers from Nepal must issue the following five (5) set of papers on behalf of Birat Overseas International Pvt. Ltd. (License No: 836/066/067). These papers should be printed in company’s letter head, duly signed/stamped by authorized person of the company and then should be attested from the Chamber of Commerce and nearest Embassy of Nepal.
  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Gurantee Letter
  • Agency Agreement
  • Employment Contract

On the receipt of original attested papers, we submit these papers to Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Ministry of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal for taking the Pre Labor Approval/Permission to deploy the workers from Nepal. In some cases, the DOFE may directly contact to the employer/company, on such occasions, we kindly request you for your cooperation in verification process.

Once the permission granted by DOFE the following formal process will go ahead: The vacancy announcement will be published in any authorized national daily newspapers (mandatory). Pre/Final Interview (direct/ online) and Trade Test (if applicable) of potential candidates will be taken by the client (employer)



The candidates selected from the interview and the trade test are then send for their medical fitness checkup to the authorised medical centers where they go through various test specified by the employing countries.





Only the candidates who are medically fit and available/ready for travel are processed for visa.



On receipt of visa of workers (If visa is not available online, DOFE may ask for original visa), we submit all the necessary documents of each individual visa issued candidate to DOFE in order to get Final Labor Approval. After granting Final Labor Approval, we are legalized to deploy each visa out workers for the Foreign Employment.




Prior to flight, the mobilization staff will orient to each worker about the nature of jobs, safety procedures, the climate conditions, rules and regulations of the country, customs and traditions, place of work and environment before their departure

After confirmation of air ticket, we provide flight details to employer via email or telephone 12/24 hours before the departure. Before departure, we make them the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the recruitment agency. Finally, we handle them all the documents (original passport, air ticket, employment
agreement etc).